26th International Wildlife Photo Competition Rules

Competition Rules in PDF



AFPAN “L’Or Vert” (Association for the Montier Wildlife and Nature Photo Festival) organizes a free photography and filmed sequences contest for its International Wildlife Photography Festival which taking place from 16th to 19th November 2023 in Montier-en-Der (Haute-Marne, France).

Article 2 – TERMS OF ENTRY

2-1 Competitors

The competition is open to any individual photographer except the technical committee, staff and members of the board of directors of AFPAN « l’Or Vert » – the association organizing the Festival – and the judges.

A distinct “junior” category is available for participants aged under 16 at the closing date of the competition. Each young participant must obtain the permission of a parent or guardian to enter the competition.

2-2 Aim of the competition

The aim of this competition is to show still or filmed images of wild flora, fauna, landscapes, as well as accounts supporting the conservation of habitats, species and biodiversity.

By entering the competition, the participants commit to:

  • being the sole owner of the work submitted and having the copyrights and permission to use its content
  • showing their interest in the environment and being mindful of the welfare of wildlife and habitats.
  • ensuring full compliance with any national or international legislation regarding protected species and habitats where the image was taken.

Much importance will be given to the personal work and ethical standards of the photographers, ensuring they comply with the ethics of the competition.

Entrants must be able to supply the original image (RAW files or files from the same series or film rushes), explain their work truthfully and accurately and make sure IPTC fields (caption, shooting location …) are filled in.


Registration and submissions must be received by 30th April 2020 midnight (UTC/GMT) via the website concours.photo-montier.org

Article 4 – SECTIONS

Categories 1 to 9 will present photos or a video of wilderness – original raw or video rush required.

Are allowed: single-shot images that conform to the original, excluding HDR, focus stacking or overprint. The editing is limited to slight modifications to give a realistic view of the scene photographed and without distorting the spirit of the original shooting with the improvement of brightness, contrast or color, recovery, correction optical defects, reversal of reading direction, cropping, black and white processing, and localized retouching.

  1. Wild birds in nature (3 photos maximum)
  2. Wild mammals in nature (3 photos maximum)
  3. Other wild animals in nature (3 photos maximum)
  4. Wild plants (maximum 3 photos)
  5. Graphics, form and matter of nature (3 photos maximum)
  6. Natural landscapes of the world (3 photos maximum)
  7. Still image sequences representing a homogeneous sequence, chronological or harmonious of 3 to 5 images on the previous themes
  8. Film sequence showing a short video of nature (see article 6)
  9. Man and nature (militant or documentary images, 3 photos maximum)
  10. Nature revisited (3 photos maximum)

Will be featured in the “Nature Revisited” category, images using techniques that modify the perception of the original image, such as could not have been achieved in a single shot, software assembly, special technique or effect in the context of aesthetic or creative photographic work that respects the aims and spirit of the competition.


5-1 Submission of photographs on the platform

Each participant will deposit the photographs according to the modalities indicated on the platform of the contest with a resizing to 3000 pixels for the biggest side (ex 3000×1995 pixels to 72 Dpi), without margins nor inscription, 6Mo maximum and in sRGB.
Se référer à la FAQ si besoin.

5-2 Preselection and submission of originals

A pre-selection of works in competition will be carried out by a technical committee composed of photographers and organizers before presentation to the jury. The author of a pre-selected image will be invited to deposit the original digital file via the competition platform in mid-June.

5-3 Passed for print

The author of an award-winning or selected image for the annual competition edition will be invited to deposit a digital file in high definition (minimum 10 million pixels, without resampling) on the platform of the contest for the realization of prints for the exhibition towards the end of July.

5-4 Submission of video

Each participant will be able to submit a video clip on the theme of the contest, including a slow motion or timelapse, a single take or a montage of between 30 seconds and 90 seconds maximum in FULL HD 1920×1080 / MP4, landscape format. The presence of titles, subtitles or captions must be informative and anonymous, excluding any distinctive sign: logo or signature in the credits. The video will be silent or accompanied by natural sounds or comments recorded by the director, excluding musical accompaniments.


A judging panel comprising of wildlife photography experts and naturalists will shortlist the competition images for the festival exhibition and award prizes for each category. The jury will check the image entered matches the information provided in the IPTC fields and the original file.

The jury reserves the right to disqualify any winning or shortlisted image, even after the results are announced and during the exhibition, should any breach to article 2 be known. Any entry that cannot be authenticated will be disqualified. In this case, the organizers reserve the right to make this information public.


Entrants are not allowed to enter images that have already received an award or recognition in a previous competition organized by AFPAN « l’Or Vert » and for the sake of novelty, we prompt entrants not to enter images that have already received an award or recognition in another national or international competition.


Award winners will be invited to discover the winning images and receive their prizes at the award ceremony during the Festival. Uncollected prizes will be kept at AFPAN « l’Or Vert » for 4 months and put back into play afterwards. The prizes may be sent at the request of the winner and the shipping costs are at his expense.


9-1 Intellectual property rights of the author of the photograph

By entering the competition, the author of a shortlisted photograph or filmed sequence grants to AFPAN « l’Or Vert » the right to reproduce and publish the images to promote the competition and competition exhibition. This includes:

  • a slideshow of the shortlisted images and filmed sequences
  • publication in a portfolio and the festival exhibitions book
  • promotion of the competition – online as well as in the local, national and international press
  • reproduction for the exhibition during the Montier-en-Der Photo Festival
  • broadcasting of a montage of three selected videos

always in connection to the competition. Should any other opportunity arise, permission from the photographer will be sought in advance. No handover will be done with any other third party.

9-2 Participants with awarded or shortlisted photographs or filmed sequence may use the logo of the organization (provided by the organizers) for the communication relating to the competition award and in relation to the awarded photograph or video clip. Whatever the medium, the logo should always link to the organization’s website.

9-3 Entering this competition may not give rise to any financial compensation.

9-4 Should a participant wish to withdraw from the competition, they must inform the organizers within 30 days of the competition closing date, so that their photographs are withdrawn from the contest. Withdrawing an entry will not be possible after printing or publication in publicity materials.

Article 10 – LIABILITY

The organizers cannot accept liability for the loss of all or a part of digital data or the cancellation of this competition should events impose it.

Competitors may contact the organizers at any time to update or cancel their personal data.

By submitting an entry, participants fully agree to the competition rules by digital signature when entering the competition online.


During the competition period, the organizers only deal with technical problems participants may experience when entering their images, if so please email us at: maud@photo-montier.org


With the partnership of Stéphane DENIZOT www.stephanedenizot.com; www.aucoeurdelimage.com


Confidentiality Personal information concerning the registration of participants, including their identity, is confidential.

The contest organizer undertakes to honor the legal confidentiality conditions applicable in France and not to disclose this information to third parties.



Please note that the French language version of these competition rules is legally binding.